Friday, 20 June 2014

Check Out Our New Checkout


Ahem! Anyway...

As part of our ongoing mission to improve the user friendliness of our sites, we've introduced a new payment option on Impact-Toys.

It is now possible to pay by credit or debit card without being taken off to PayPal, which we understand can be a confusing experience for those unfamiliar with PayPal or who don't have a PayPal account.
We have three payment options:

Card Payments (NEW!)

What you see: a seamless checkout experience that looks and feels just like the rest of Impact-Toys. No abrupt graphical changes, no wizzing off to PayPal or having to scrabble around with Internet Banking. User friendly and secure!
How it works: card details are submitted via a fully PCI compliant checkout and are sent along to Stripe, one of our secure payment gateways. Everything is fully covered by SSL security certificates and 100% legal, and we don't see or handle any of your payment details. None of your payment details are collected or stored by our server, giving you peace of mind.
pay by card


What you see: once you have entered your shipping and billing address and checked your order is ready to go, you are taken off-site to PayPal where you have the option to log into your PayPal account (if you have one) or to pay by credit/debit card. You will then be returned to our site where you will get an order confirmation. Great for those who regularly use PayPal for their on-line shopping or for those who prefer to pay by card.
How it works: PayPal are a fully secure and PCI compliant payment gateway. With a great reputation worldwide, PayPal is a user friendly and highly trusted solution to taking payments online. As with our main card payment option, we do not see or handle any of your payment details and nothing is stored on our server. The only details we handle are those necessary to complete your order and send it out to you.
pay by paypal

Direct Bank Transfer

What you see: when you checkout via our Direct Bank Transfer option, we take your shipping details and then give you our bank account details. Perfect for those who like to use internet/mobile banking.
How it works: we do not take any payment details from you and you don't have to worry about online security. Just take down our bank details and then choose how you wish to pay - over the counter at your bank, or by your trusted online or mobile banking provider.
bank transfer

Sound good?

We think so! Let us know what you think in the comments or by e-mail ( Any thoughts on other changes you'd like to see?

Please note: we plan to roll out our new card payment option across our other sites soon, but it is currently only available on Impact-Toys. You can still pay by bank transfer and PayPal (including card payments for those without a PayPal account) on Edgeplay.

(I'll probably get punished for that awful pun in the title but it was so worth it...)

Monday, 9 June 2014

Monthly Prize Draw

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1st Place gets £25 coupon!

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2nd place gets £15 coupon!

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3rd place gets £5 coupon!

Which is equivalent to:

All e-mail subscribers will be automatically entered into our monthly prize draw. Please ensure that you sign up with a valid e-mail address as if you win, we will send your prize coupon to that e-mail address.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to spam you! We’ll send you a mail every so often letting you know about our newest creations and any special offers we’re running. That’s it!

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Handmade BDSM and Impact Toys

Our current range of handmade impact toys

Synthetic singletail whips:

  • 12 plait snake whips, from 2 foot, prices start at £55
  • 16 plait snake whips, from 3 foot, prices start at £95
  • 12 plait bull whips, from 3 foot, prices start at £75
  • 16 plait bull whips, from 4 foot, prices start at £115
  • Hybrid bull whips, from 3 foot, prices start at £100
  • Signal hybrid whips, from 40", prices start £100
  • Coyote snake whip, 3 foot, £50


  • the monster dragon 12" handle with a ~40" lash £50
  • the large dragon 12" handle with a ~30" lash £40
  • small dragon 6" handle with a ~16" lash £25
  • mini dragon 6" handle with a ~10" lash £15

Dragon variants:

  • dragon tail - pointed lash
  • split dragon - split lash
  • dragon tongue - rounded lash


Oak handled floggers:

  • heavy weight monster flogger 12" handle, ~60 22" 10mm wide falls £70
  • heavy weight monster flogger 12" handle, ~30 22" 20mm wide falls £70
  • monster flogger 12" handle, ~40 22" 10mm wide falls £50
  • monster flogger 12" handle, ~20 22" 20mm wide falls £50
  • heavy weight large flogger 8" or 12" handle, ~60 18" 10mm wide falls £60
  • heavy weight large flogger 8" or 12" handle, ~30 18" 20mm wide falls £60
  • large flogger 8" or 12" handle, ~40 18" 10mm wide falls £40
  • large flogger 8" or 12" handle, ~20 18" 20mm wide falls £40
  • light weight large flogger 8" or 12" handle, ~20 18" 10mm wide falls £30
  • light weight large flogger 8" or 12" handle, ~10 18" 20mm wide falls £30
  • heavy weight medium flogger 6" or 8" handle, ~60 12.5" 10mm wide falls £40
  • heavy weight medium flogger 6" or 8" handle, ~30 12.5" 20mm wide falls £40
  • medium flogger 6" or 8" handle, ~40 12.5" 10mm wide falls £30
  • medium flogger 6" or 8" handle, ~20 12.5" 20mm wide falls £30
  • light weight medium flogger 6" or 8" handle, ~20 12.5" 10mm wide falls £25
  • light weight medium flogger 6" or 8" handle, ~10 12.5" 20mm wide falls £25
  • small flogger 6" handle, ~40 9" 7-10mm wide falls £25
  • small flogger 6" handle, ~20 9" 20mm wide falls £25
  • light weight small flogger 6" handle, ~20 9" 7-10mm wide falls £20
  • light weight small flogger 6" handle, ~10 9" 20mm wide falls £20

While some floggers are 'light weight' and some are 'heavy weight', these names simply indicate that the flogger has more or fewer falls than our standard floggers. Due to variations in the leather used, some 'light' floggers made with thick leather may be heavier than some standard floggers, and similarly some 'heavy' floggers made with thin leather may be lighter than some standard floggers. If you are aiming for a specific feel to a flogger (stingy, thumpy, scratchy, thuddy, etc) please contact us to discuss which of our floggers and leathers is most likely to suit you. We are now putting Sensation Ratings on our ready made stock, to help inform our customers.

Specialty floggers:

  • Nunchuck swivel floggers from £60/pair
  • Ball handle floggers from £80/pair
  • Braided floggers (see website)
  • Twisted fall flogger (see website)
  • Rabbit fur £40
  • Fluffy floggers, from £20

Optional extras:

We also have various additions/details that can be added to our toys:
  • Pointed falls ~£5 per flogger (depending on number of falls)
  • Corset detail (ball handles only) £5 per flogger
  • Wavy falls ~£5 per flogger (depending on number and length of falls)
  • Extra Spanish ring knots (ball handles, nunchucks) £5 each
  • Custom conchos (glass cabochon with image or engraved brass) from £10
  • A wide selection of optional upgrade conchos from £2.50
  • Themes (see website or message us to discuss)

Other impact toys:

  • Gorean Kurt/slave whip - 5 long, wide falls in heavy leather with a plaited handle £80
  • Devil-tail - the accursed offspring of a snake whip and a dragon, this had a flexible plaited thong with a short lash (pointed, split or rounded) £40
  • Cat - 9 long falls in heavy leather or rubber, with a semi-flexible plaited handle £50
  • Braided cat - round braided falls on a nunchuck handle, from £30
  • Leather straps - four different styles of strap, £35 each or £120 for the set

Bespoke designs

Contact us if you have a special design in mind - we love interesting projects! If we don't make what you're looking for, we'll point you in the direction of a crafter who does.


  • pick any 3 or more items and we will give you a 10% discount (please contact us before ordering)
  • sets can be custom ordered or picked from our current stock selection
  • matched pairs count as 1 item.
  • Sets listed on our website already have 10% deducted from the price!

We have a wide range of leathers and suedes, as well as silicone, rubber and latex. If you can't find what you're looking for on the website, get in touch!
Cost may vary if we need to get in a specific colour or type of material, or if the number or length of falls varies significantly from our normal range.
Oak handles can be plaited in any of the colours from our paracord range in any of the plaiting styles we do (see picture gallery)
And don't forget if you want something shorter, longer, heavier or lighter we can customise your toy to suit you.
We are now putting Sensation Ratings on our ready made stock, to help inform our customers of how the toy may feel.
We ship worldwide (prices exclude shipping). Check here for currency conversion.
Daz & Az

Free Shipping

So, we are trying different things out regarding shipping so we are going to try something a bit different this month


For our whips, floggers, dragons and other handmade impact toys, we are going to offer free shipping to all UK customers who spend over £25 for Royal Mail Signed For with the option to upgrade to Special Delivery for £4.50 (please note we use Special Delivery for the insurance and tracking not for the next day service, if you require an item next day please check with us first as we don't post every day)
We are also keeping our international rate down to £9.50 regardless of the size of your order. International orders are sent Airsure which is a tracked service. However, this will only insure your parcel up to £50 so if you require additional insurance please contact us... If you order £100 of goods and do not take out additional insurance, please be aware should the parcel be lost you will only be able to claim £50.


We are going to do things a little differently - as nearly everything is bought in rather than made, we are not able to offer free shipping (unless you want us to put our prices back up). However, we can lower our shipping!

orders up to £50 will be from £4.50 (down from £5)
orders over £50 will be from £9.50
These are base rates, additional postage for heavy items/long items/etc will be added to your cart as a separate "Special Shipping Rate" value
We have lowered our postage in the grander scheme of things as the average shipping to order value has been 15% over the last 6 months
International orders will remain at base rate of £9.50 but we will take each order on a case by case basis (for instance the locking stainless plugs cost us £20.50 to ship to the USA) so we would ask people to email us before ordering to double check the true postage cost, especially if it is a large order or one that contains heavy/long items such as metal work or a sjambok/staff/cane. We will be reviewing whether we can offer all of our products to our international customers, for this reason.

We are going to use the PayPal shopping cart for this to facilitate the shipping breaks - UK orders with no Special Shipping Rate will not add shipping until the PayPal stage of the checkout, UK orders with a Special Shipping Rate will split their shipping between Edgeplay and PayPal, and international orders will show £5 shipping on Edgeplay and PayPal will add the additional £4.50 or £9.50 (total shipping from £9.50-£14.50)

Please bare with us!

We are just playing with stuff to see what works and what doesn't before we consider investing in expensive cart plug-ins or have one coded for us.
Please bare with us in the mean time

Send us your feedback

Does this sound like a good solution? Do you like the idea of free shipping on Impact-Toys? Let us know what you think in the comments, or send us a message!

Changes to our whip range

We are currently updating the website to change our entire whip range. After 4 years of whipmaking I am going to the next level
There are a lot of up and coming whipmakers on the scene now so it is time to up the game and distinguish myself from anyone else
So here is the plan:
  • My prices wont rise (YAY!!!)
  • The construction and design of my whips will change
  • I will be introducing a range of leather kip hide whips in the coming months
  • I will be adding a range of budget whips that are ideal for beginners

New Construction

My 12 plait and 16 plait whips will stay at their current price but will but upgraded to a shot bag based construction
What does this mean? Well instead of a core made with lead shot or BB's loaded into paracord strands (a popular core type for nylon whips) I will be constructing my whips now with a leather shot bag core overlayed with a leather bolster and then a plaited belly (8 plait) and an overlay of 12 plait. If its a 16 plait whip, there will be a 16 plait over the 12 plait.
This construction gives the whip a more even taper, a smoother roll out and a more slender appearance without sacrificing weight. This is especially important for shorter scene/play whips, as they do not have a long plaited thong which would allow a very gradual taper with other construction methods.
This is a major upgrade to my whips and whilst is not instantly apparent from the external appearance it will prove itself in performance and brings my whips up to the construction methods of the worlds top whipmakers.

Beginner Whips

I will also be adding a range of beginner whips, based on the construction methods I have developed over the last 4 years.
This range will be limited to short whips that are ideal for scene play, and will have a lead weighted core (not a shot bag but my own design that I have been using for nearly 4 years). These whips will have a 16 plait overlay with a single belly.
  • 3 foot snakes £60 with the option to convert with a cow whip twist
  • 4 foot snakes £70 with the option to convert with a cow whip twist
  • 3 foot bulls £70 with the option to convert with a cow whip twist
  • 4 foot bulls £80 with the option to convert with a cow whip twist



There is great debate about which types of paracord are suitable for whipmaking; genuine (commercial spec) 550 paracord and MIL SPEC 550 paracord and 650 paracord and PET paracord. It can be very confusing (this blogmay help, there is lots of info)
Always bare in mind that paracord is fundamentally designed to keep people alive when using a parachute! Some of the differences are irrelevant for other applications of this material.
The main differences:
  • 550 MIL SPEC paracord - 550 lbs breaking strain, nylon, 7 strand core with each strand made of 3 twisted strands (made to a precise military specification)
  • 550 Commercial paracord - 550 lbs breaking strain, nylon, 7 strand core, designed for non-critical applications
  • 650 paracord - 350 lbs breaking strain, nylon, 4 strand core
  • PET (polyethylene terephthalte) paracord - breaking strain varies, polyester, 7 strand core, designed for non-critical applications
The main difference is in the inner strands; the number of strands, the weight (denier) of ther strands, the way they are twisted together and the construction of the strands...
These differences in the core are irrelevant when making whips as you are hardly going to throw yourself out of a plane, with a whip between you and a grisly end, hoping your whip doesn't break... and anyway, all the inner strands are removed before plaiting most whips (our coyote whip retains the inner core).
PET is another popular cord, and is a polyester (as opposed to nylon) thermoplastic. While I wouldn't make a parachute with it, it is still a very strong cord that in my view is more than suitable for whipmaking. As it is not made to a precise and consistent set of standards, the product can vary by manufacturer and there are some very shoddy cords but there are also some excellent PET cords out there - it's all about finding the good stuff!
The great thing for me is that PET is available in so many colours including glow in the dark variants, camo, multi-coloured and reflective, as opposed to 550/650 which are more limited in their colours (especially compared to MIL SPEC 550). I also find PET is softer, almost silky, so when using the whip it doesn't chafe your hands as much when used for extended periods (also helps me while making them!). Some have commented on PET's lower melting point but lets face it, they aren't fire whips and anyone trying to snuff out candles with a what is at the end of the day a plastic whip needs to think about what they are doing.

A note on Dacron

Dacron is a brand name for a PET product which, incidentally, is used for fillers in duvets and pillows among many other things. In fact Dacron themselves (the owner of the registered trade mark) are best known for making bedding. Dacron also make cords and ropes with their PET, and some of these are all the range at the moment in experimental whipmaking. We're not saying that PET paracord is the same as PET Dacron cord - their construction is different and they are designed for different applications, but they are made of the same material. So when someone knocks PET 'because it's not nylon', it's worth remembering that nylon is not the be all and end all of synthetic whipmaking!

Thanks for reading!

You can find the full range on our website, which has now been fully updated. Any inquiries can be mailed to us on here or sent to